Gloversville Funeral Service
4 Second Ave.
Gloversville, NY 12078

Welcome to our Home. The Gloversville Funeral Service is located on the corner of Second Avenue and Main Street in Gloversville, New York.

The building was the former Hollenbeck Funeral Home.  After the closing of that funeral home, the building was used as a real estate office for a few years.  We had the opportunity to purchase the building in July of 2009 and did a complete renovation.  On October 1, 2009, Gloversville Funeral Service was officially opened.  

We are excited to have the opportunity as being selected Fulton Counties Exclusive Cremation with Care Provider as well as the Veterans and Family Memorial Care Provider for Fulton County. 

We can be reached at 725-6116.  If you do happen to reach our wonderful answering service, just leave a message and I will call you right back.  On behalf of my father Bill and myself, I do want to thank all the families that have allowed us to help them during the loss of their loved one. Please email us at

Brian Mackey - Funeral Director

Cremation With Care Provider

Gloversville Funeral Service is Selected As CremationWithCare Preferred Provider

Gloversville Funeral Service has been selected as the exclusive CremationWithCare preferred provider for Gloversville, New York and the entire Fulton County. CremationWithCare selects funeral homes with experience in working with families from all walks of life who are leaders in their profession and are committed to providing dedicated, caring service while upholding the highest level of ethical business standards.

Their facilities offer families a beautiful, versatile setting in which to gather relatives & friends who wish to honor and pay their respects to your loved one. Choosing cremation rather than burial does not diminish the value of the wonderful life you have loved and lost.

Cremation, like burial…is simply the final destination of the physical body of the deceased. The remembrances of the heart, spirit and soul of your loved one is a treasure which only you and your family can truly know and honor. The goal of Gloversville Funeral Service is to help you find joy in the way you choose to celebrate and cherish their memory.

CremationWithCare Advisors help families create a Remembrance Gathering that will be long remembered and that will make a difference in the lives of all who attend. Whether you choose a simple or uniquely personalized cremation arrangement the signature services that CremationWithCare preferred providers offer set them apart from other funeral homes. These services are all for the benefit of you and your family. There are many inspirational options for the final disposition of the cremated remains. Many families keep them in an urn at home. You may choose to share them with family members via keepsake urns and keepsake jewelry. Personalization is available on most urns which can be simple in design, themed, or artistically created in a wide range of materials, shapes and colors.

Another option is permanent placement in a columbarium niche or cremation garden at a local cemetery. Scattering is a widely accepted option which can be done over water or land.Losing someone you love dearly is emotionally debilitating. Having confidence in the cremation provider you choose is essential.

The trained staff of CremationWithCare Advisors at Gloversville Funeral Service will help guide you in making the decisions that will meet your needs before, during and after the loss of a loved one. We work closely with hospice staff to ensure a smooth transition & continuum of care and we pledge to honor the dignity of the deceased and provide the greatest measure of respect for your wishes. Please call us at 518-725-6116.

Fulton County's Exclusive Provider for Veterans & Family Memorial Care

Veterans & Family Memorial Care is “The Veterans Choice” when it comes to Veterans Funerals, Veterans Cremation & Veterans Burial. The exclusive, Certified VFMC Provider in your community is part of a National Network of family owned & operated funeral homes that honor and pay tribute to Veterans each and every day. Look for the VFMC Membership Certificate & Client Bill of Rights hanging in the lobby or entry area of the funeral home to ensure the highest level of ethical business standards and integrity. Exclusive VFMC Providers extend benefits and savings to Veterans and their spouses beyond those provided by the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs. This includes encouraging Veterans and their spouses to take full advantage of their FREE VETERANS BURIAL BENEFIT in the closest State or National Veterans Cemetery when geographically possible. Doing so saves Veterans and their families thousands of dollars on final arrangement expenses.

Certified VFMC Providers, many of whom are Veterans themselves have deep roots in their communities and work closely with Vietnam Veterans of America, VFW, American Legion and other Veterans Service Organizations. All across America local Hospices have embraced the VFMC Clients Bill of Rights and are working closely with Certified VFMC Providers to ensure that Veterans and their families take full advantage of the benefits and savings they have so honorably earned.

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